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Having a healthy spirit will help to keep you looking younger. It's obvious that the way people live affects how they will age in the future. The aging process is a reflection of changes that result from environmental and genetic factors, which you are subject to over the course of time. Carefully managing diet, stress levels, and physical activity are essential in reversing the effects of aging which results in your body repairing itself more effectively. Stress has serious consequences to health, so find a way to relax in order to manage stress. Laughter and optimism can also be powerful allies when it comes to increasing longevity.

People can actually give themselves another 10 years if they are stress free and happy, research has indicated. To help slow down and reverse the aging process and increase longevity, be sure to get sufficient sleep to help your body relax, combine exercise with a lively lifestyle and monitor your weight. Saturated fat should be avoided, because the body wastes extra energy when too much fat is stored.


Your body needs vitamins and minerals to provide its daily functions, which range from converting the food into energy to carrying the oxygen into the blood stream. It's not an easy thing to do, to get all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs every day, with such busy lives in the modern world. During the aging process, a lack of proper nutrition can make the aging actually accelerate. The aging process can not be stopped completely, but it can be slowed significantly using anti-aging supplements which can actually make you appear younger, and more healthy in time. When beginning a new diet or anti-aging supplement program, it's appropriate to speak to a medical professional for expert advice.

Supplements that are designed to reduce the undesirable side-effects from aging are things like:

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps neutralize damaging effects of oxidation, causing age related degeneration and disease.

B3 is a powerful vitamin, which lowers fats in the blood, helps to increase good cholesterol, and makes skin look more healthy overall.

Another great antioxidant is Vitamin C which has cancer preventive qualities, helps reduce the risk for developing cardiovascular disease, and increases the firmness of skin, making it look younger.

Vitamin E helps in several ways, including reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes, and it can help to jumpstart the immune system.

Vitamin K will assist the body to reduce dark circles around eyes and other areas by breaking up blood clots.


A healthy diet can make you feel and look young and can help slow down the aging process, thus adding more longevity and vitality in your life. A natural way to fight off the onset of chronic medical conditions is to simply heat plenty of fruits and vegetables, healthy nuts and fish, whole grains, and other nutrient-rich foods.

You should be watching the amount of fat in the dairy and meat products that you consume, so you can keep your arteries clear of fatty deposits. Blood pressure can be inflated from too much sodium in the diet, so keep an eye on salt intake, and of course sugar must be carefully limited for the obvious health implications. In addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise and anti-aging vitamins and supplements, you can also look and feel younger by experiencing a face lift procedure or having a treatment for facial wrinkles such as a Botox injection.

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